Needing a bail bond while on vacation

Bail bonds serve as a guarantee for a criminal defendant to appear in
court at a given time and date, as instructed by the court of law.

When a person commits a crime, they are taken into custody and placed in
a jail cell until they appear in court for their hearing.  This can happen anywhere at anytime, even on vacation. It helps to know what services are avaliable in the area so if problems ever arise, you know who can help. If you’re ever travelling somewhere such as Las Vegas and get arrested, you might find yourself with the need to find las vegas bail bonds. You can be released
from jail if they manage to secure a bail. This bail amount is decided by the
judge during a bail hearing, with the amount acting as an insurance against the
jailed person. The main objective of a bail bond is to safeguard the process of
appeal and prevent an appeal for reasons different from the actual intent. If the defendant chooses to do so, they can get help from a bail agency.

How much does a bail bond cost?

Since there are no set limits, the bail bond can be set extremely high
and thus, the defendant can consider hiring a bail bond agent, who works for a
bail bond company, to make the bail payment. This sum is paid as a surety, to
the court of law, for the accused. The agent and company collect a percentage
of the sum as their fees for services rendered. The agent might also ask for a
collateral in the form of property or investments.

The agent can approach the accused person’s friends and family in case
they are unable to come up with the entire sum.

Bond companies usually charge 15% as fees for their services, especially
if the bail sum is over $1,000. For example, if the bail is set at $10,000, the
accused must pay $1,000 to the bondsman. The rest will be paid to the court in
case the accused fails to show up to court on the set time and date. If the
accused shows up, then the bail bond is dissolved and the collateral is
returned. The agency gets to keep the 15% fees.

There are bail bond companies all over the US and each state has their
own set of bail agents. Some of them also lend bail advice for a small fee. Las
Vegas has a selection of bail bond companies that can be approached for bail
bonds and advice.